Category: Contesting

Winter Field Day – K3CUJ

This was my first Winter Field Day and I joined team CARA – The Columbia Amateur Radio Association who entered with 2x HF stations in the 2O category as K3CUJ. The original plan was 3O with a VHF/UHF satellite station, but various illnesses meant that we scaled back the station. In all we made 526 […]

ARRL 160M Contest 2019 – AC3BU

I was able to operate in this contest for a few hours from the WA3EKL station using the call AC3BU. The 160m system at Alan’s station works pretty well and it was nice to operate on a band that I don’t have access to at my home station. Call: AC3BUOperator(s): AC3BU AD5XI KØOO K3MTR KB3VQC KC3KMF KC3MGX N3DPB ND3D WA3EKLStation: WA3EKLClass: M/S HPQTH: MDCOperating Time (hrs): 37Location: […]

CQWW CW 2019 – W3LPL

I didn’t really think I’d ever operate from W3LPL’s station, though I had met Frank a few times through various PVRC events. One weekend I went over to help survey the receive antenna array that he builds up for the contest season. For this contest I was the 20M CW operator overnight. Although the band […]

CQWPX CW 2019 – NG3K

For this contest I was back at the QTH of Alan WA3EKL and Susan N3DPB to join the team for a M/2 entry. This is always a fun contest and being NG3K was great as it was an unusual enough prefix to be popular throughout the 48 hours. I’m still getting used to these contests […]