NAQP CW August 2020 – AD5XI

Although I did have an opportunity to operate from a M/2 station, with the ongoing worry around COVID-19 I decided that it was best to operate from home. Team contests are a lot of fun, but as I’ve done this contest from home before I also had a personal best to set.

As always when operating from home I was using my IC-7610, 100W output to dipoles in the attic.

To start with I was on 10m to see if there were any locals. I only managed 2 stations, one in MD and the other in VA. Then on to 15m where there wasn’t a lot of activity visible and I only managed a few extra QSOs. My best bands were 20m and 40m, and by the time it came to 80m I was getting rather tired so decided to cut and run at 350 QSOs, but I could have worked a lot more on 80m if I could have stayed awake longer.

In total 8 hours 30 mins in the chair, with only a few breaks to attend to other things.

    Band     QSOs     Pts  Sec  Mt2  Pt/Q
     3.5      55      55   21    0   1.0
       7     142     142   31    1   1.0
      14     145     145   30    1   1.0
      21       6       6    5    0   1.0
      28       2       2    2    0   1.0
   Total     350     350   89    2   1.0

My points are counted for the Potomac Valley Radio Club, and I was part of the PVRC Laurel team.

Having operated in a few NAQP events now it’s interesting to see that I must now be in the call history file, fewer people are asking me for repeats of my name, and also more people are hearing my full call – instead of logging me as AD5X.

I had been planning to look for some specific states for my WAS totals, but the NAQP rules meant that if I had used the RBN then I would be moved into the M/2 category, and that would mean my score wouldn’t count toward the PVRC Laurel team. I decided to run un-assisted as a result. I’ll have to chase my remaining WAS CW slots another time.

Updated: August 2, 2020 — 18:12