ARRL Field Day 2021 – AD5XI

This is only my second ARRL Field Day event since I have been in the USA. The first, in 2019, saw me operating from W3AO in a 24A station. In 2020 I didn’t participate as I was back in the UK during the worst of COVID-19 lockdowns. Now to 2021 and most local groups opted to continue with the distributed entries that were introduced in 2020.

That meant I spent some time at home building up a score to contribute to the CARA K3CUJ team. The bands were not in terrible shape and I managed to put together 115 QSOs on 80m through 10m CW.

Map of the US and Canada showing the ARRL Sections worked in red.

The map was generated from N1MM+ using the MultChaser tool by NA0N.

                      ARRL Field Day - 2021
 Call: AD5XI
 Operator(s): AD5XI
 Station: AD5XI
 Class: 1D LP
 Operating Time (hrs): 3
  Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs  Dig Qs
    80:   30              
    40:   30              
    20:   20              
    15:   20              
    10:   15                         
 Total:  115     0       0  Total Score = 510
 Club:  K3CUJ