Test Equipment

Since I graduated from University I have continued my interests in RF professionally and at home. As a result I’ve managed to acquire a number of pieces of test equipment over the years that allow me to carry out more and more complex projects and measurements. Many of them are not calibrated, though my GPS Disciplined 10MHz Frequency Reference should help with that.

This used to be my main shack desk, it’s now the workbench, with test equipment to the right and on the shelves. Tools etc are beneath the desk.

On top of the usual multi-meters etc I currently have:

  • Rigol DSA-815TG Spectrum Analyser with tracking generator
  • Racal Dana 9917A 560MHz Frequency Counter
  • TTi PFM1300 Hand-held frequency counter
  • Farnell TM8 True RMS RF millivolt Meter
  • Hitatchi V522 50MHz Oscilloscope and probes
  • MRS miniVNA 1-180MHz Analyser
  • MFJ-269 Antenna Analyser
  • JFW 50BR-052 50dB Step Attenuator
  • MFJ-762  Step Attenuator
  • DG8SAQ VNWA – still in kit form waiting to be built
  • Icom IC-R7100 receiver

also a number of other items such as power meters and dummy loads etc.