ARRL November Sweepstakes CW – AD5XI

After two years living in Maryland this was actually my first Sweepstakes, and could well be my only chance!

I was pleased to be able to join a PVRC online session in the week leading up to the contest, otherwise I’d have been stumped as to how to work N1MM logger and manage the exchange. Most unlike any other contest I’ve taken part in, but I enjoyed the challenge.

Call: AD5XI 
Operator(s): AD5XI 
Station: AD5XI 
Class: SO Unlimited LP 
Operating Time (hrs): 11.5 
Band QSOs 
80: 135 
40: 76 
20: 115 
Total: 326 Sections = 76 
Total Score = 49,552 
Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club

As usual, just 100W and the attic dipoles. During the contest I noticed the RigRunner was complaining of low voltage while keying the CW. That led me to find that the cable from the PSU to the RigRunner was very hot. On closer inspection it wasn’t up to the job and I replaced it with some 10AWG cable I had in stock. I think the old cable was re-used from an old radio as it had those cylindrical snap together fuse holders in-line. After it was replaced no more hot cable and now more under-voltage.

No idea how I’d never noticed that before, given I had the exact same problem with my UK kit when I was re-using old cable…

Updated: November 9, 2020 — 03:24