A 6×2 Antenna Switch

In preparation for the 2013 IOTA contest with the MU0HTJ team we had decided to put a multiplier radio on as well as a main radio, this required sharing the antennas between radios and rather than just patch with coaxes it was decided that we’d build a 6×2 antenna switch. More accurately Pete 2E0SQL decided he wanted one and that I’d build it for him.

The concept is that both radios connect to the switch as well as up to 6 antennas, there is a control box with two switches, one to select the antenna for each radio. If one radio is already connected to the antenna required by the 2nd radio there is an interlock which prevents this from happening.

Mike SM2WMV/SJ2W produces the circuit boards for the main board and control board, and these were acquired, along with a whole bunch of relays and other parts. Some photos below show a few stages in the build process. The switch was trialed in the IOTA contest in 2013 and worked wonderfully.