Home Shack

House #7 (2019-Present)

As you might expect the shack layout is rarely the same for a long time period. In late 2019 I swapped out the Elecraft K3 for an Icom IC-7610, though don’t worry as the K3 is still my travel radio. I also swapped out the monitors. I was finding the three monitors to be oppressive and too low resolution after I was spoiled by higher resolution ones at work.

The AD5XI shack in March 2020
The AD5XI shack – March 2020

You may also notice that my main shack Morse key has changed up. I was lucky enough to acquire an N3ZN ZN-9Z from eBay for a good price and am using it as the main key. I still have the Scheunemann key.

Likewise I kept the Elecraft KPA500 and KAT500 in play and swapped over to a Timewave ANC-4 noise canceller, which is much more effective against my local noise than the MFJ-1026 was. In order to drive the KPA500 and KAT500 auto band switching I also got myself an Array Solutions BandMaster V, which takes C-IV in from the radio and outputs 4-bit BCD and also Kenwood RS232 data. Now the amp and the KAT500 auto switch when I change bands on the IC-7610.

House #8 (2019)

Between April and July 2019 I had a temporary station in the UK at my fiancé’s house. Usually only used when I visit. I have a spare K3, PSU and paddle there as well as a fibreglass travel pole and an Aerial-51 404-UL OCFD antenna.

Temporary shack in the UK
Temporary shack in the UK – May 2020

House #7 (2018-2019)

Already I’ve rebuilt the shack once since I first set it up here at AD5XI.

AD5XI Shack May 2019
AD5XI Shack – May 2019

In late November 2018 when my shipping had arrived in Maryland I set about building the new shack.

Going back to basics was my strategy. Only a single HF radio and amplifier on the desk. The second K3 and KPA500 live in their boxes in a cupboard ready for DXpeditions. The K2 didn’t sell and so I brought that out as a back-up to the back-up!

February 2019 during the FOC Marathon.

Out of shot is the more office function parts of the desk and the small workbench.

House #6 (2016-2018)

In late 2016 the joint shack became solely that of M0PCB. There was a period of expansion to fill the void and the shack ended up looking like this:

M0PCB operating as GB80FOC in May 2018 for the FOC 80th Anniversary Challenge

The main station is still the Elecraft K-Line (K3, KPA500, P3, KAT500). The second station is an Elecraft K2 with KPA500 and KAT500.

For a while I had a Hunter 750 as the second amplifier, but the KPA500 is much smaller and quieter for similar output capability.

House #6 (2011-2016)

There were a few iterations of the theme during this time period.

There is a third to the left around the corner desk, which houses the Yaesu FT-201 and Heathkit HW-101 valve radios. The HW-101 is working on receive, but needs a good clean through and some minor restoration work. The FT-201 is fully working.

House #5 (2009-2011)

During 2009 to 2011 M0PCB was located in rented accommodation and a corner of the living room looked vaguely like this:

M0PCB Shack Sept 2010
The most recent photo of M0PCB

At the time I was active on HF (160-10m inc. WARC), 6m FM and SSB/CW, 4m FM and SSB/CW, 2m FM and SSB/CW, 70cm and 23cm FM, 2m Packet and potentially a whole host of other data modes on any of those bands. Data modes I that appear in my log are thus far RTTY (J2B) and PSK31 (J2D).

House #4 (2008)

During my time in the second rental I had a tiny yard and no space in my own room for the shack, so I took over a corner of the living room and was able to get antenna cables in through the window.

A modest shack in what was the living room.

House #3 (2007)

Space was at a premium in this house. My room was on the 3rd floor and had a roof window, which allowed my to get cables out to the antennas in the garden.

An Icom IC-7000 was the HF radio and a Yaesu FT-8900 for local VHF and UHF repeaters.

House #2 (2003-2007)

During my University years in York I was active from my student house with an Icom IC-706 and FT-817ND for HF, and a Yaesu FT-90R for VHF/UHF.

While at University in this period I was still active during term time.

Meanwhile back at my parents house I maintained a station for use during vacation time from University.

House #1 (2000-2003)

The spare bedroom became home to my first ever radio shack. Directly above the radios was the hatch to the attic, where the antennas all lived. There was a rapid evolution as more equipment was acquired.