The King of Spain CW Contest 2020 – M0PCB

I’ve never done this contest before, but I managed to find a couple of hours on the Saturday evening to play. Only a few QSOs on 20m but I had a decent run on 40m for a while before bed.

Just running 100W and an Aerial-51 404-UL OCFD antenna at around 25 feet Inverted-Vee. Keying with N1MM+ using the RS232 port on the K3 and then a Schurr paddle for filling in.

My laptop doesn’t have permanent F keys, which forces ESM mode or hand sending, so I’m getting used to ESM more. I didn’t have space in my pack to bring a keyboard for the laptop when I travelled.

Band  QSOs  Pts  Pro  DXC Pt/Q
   7    68   84    7   20  1.2
  14     7   17    4    2  2.4
Total   75  101   11   22  1.3
Score: 3,333
Updated: May 17, 2020 — 14:28