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While operating mainly in NAQP RTTY, at the station of Alan WA3EKL and Susan N3DPB, in the same time span the team also entered the CQWW VHF Contest on 6m and 2m, all modes. CQ Worldwide VHF Contest – 2021 Call: N3DPB Operator(s): N3DPB K3MTR KB3VQC AD5XI WA3EKL WT3K Station: N3DPB Class: Multi-Op HP QTH: […]


I’d not been very organised in the run-up to this contest, and as it’s a USA works the world I was always going to struggle from home with a low power entry. I don’t think a high power entry would have done any better. All told I spent 4 hours in the chair. Band conditions […]

FOC Marathon 2021 – AD5XI

This contest is the highlight of the year within FOC, and the only event in the calendar that is open only to club members. My strategy, however, is to work whomever calls and give a friendly report. It’s also a great opportunity to cross paths with friends and have a quick catch-up with them, while […]