CQWPX CW 2020 – G9V

As I am still in the UK I decided to put some time in using the Vulture Squadron CG club call G9V. The idea being that G9 is an unusual prefix for England and I may be popular on the bands.

Conditions didn’t seem all that great on Saturday, but I worked a few NA stations on Sunday evening quite late on. It seems that a lot of people may have been up on 10m and 15m, but I had already decided to have a single band entry.

Total operating time was 12.5 hours.

The station was a K3, 100W and a 40-10m OCFD up at 7m inverted-vee.

Band QSOs Pts WPX Pt/Q
14    375 495 285  1.3
Total 375 495 285  1.3
Score: 141,075

Not a leading score, but back to basics in the Classic overlay.