NAQP RTTY July 2020 – AD5XI

I’m normally a CW only operator, but as I was still in the 14 day travel quarantine on return from the UK I had little else to do and so decided to spend some time in the NAQP RTTY Contest to support the PVRC club score.

In total I spent 4:15 in the chair, plus some time the evening before configuring the IC-7610 and N1MM+, MMTTY and 2Tone for FSK RTTY ability.

My antennas are optimised for the CW sub-band, so the SWR was a little higher than I would otherwise have liked, but the system worked well. 100W of RTTY and nothing got hot, not even the radio.

At the start I wondered why no-one could hear me, then I realised the ‘invert FSK’ button was checked. Oops. That did the trick and I was in business, but I’d missed all the 10m signals that were audible…

After a couple of hours my mind was drifting too much and I went to do other things. Coming back in the evening when 40m was open made things a bit more interesting for another couple of hours. In the end I was hunting through the spots for new states, maximising my WAS score on RTTY with 44 states worked in total. I also found #50 for WAS Mixed. The other 49 states I had worked were on CW, so I still need Wyoming on CW for a full house.

Call: AD5XI
Operator(s): AD5XI
Station: AD5XI
Class: Single Op LP
QTH: Elkridge, MD
Operating Time (hrs): 4:15

 Band  QSOs  Mults
   40:   14    12
   20:   77    42
   15:   13     6
Total:  104    60  Total Score = 6,240
Club: Potomac Valley Radio Club