144MHz UKAC May 2013 – M0PCB

So, I managed to miss the April event, mainly due to having been active in the CQWPX SSB contest at M0VSQ over the Easter bank holiday weekend and then in the 80m CC CW event on the Monday evening.  By Tuesday I was contested out.

This month was a decent event, 27 QSOs in total, not quite my best score, but not far off. A much more diverse map too, and even a new square with G3TTC/P down in JO00.

Yet again you can see a distinct lack of signals do the East. I do keep beaming that way, but the path is truly terrible.  F8BRK was worked from IN99, not a huge signal but easily workable. Still using the trusty little 4 element LFA, though I think a 7 element would be a game changer.

The obligatory map is much more pretty than it has been for a while. Hope to be active in the next one.

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Updated: July 24, 2021 — 19:35