80m CC CW April 2013 – M0PCB

After a weekend of CQWPX SSB this was welcome relief in the fact it was a CW event. Restoring some sense of normality here at M0PCB.

I didn’t do any S&P this month, nor did I have the sub-receiver going. Either of those would have required more brain power than I could muster for this contest. As it happens I found a frequency and kept hold of it for the whole contest.

So, that’s not strictly true, my first frequency was overrun with non-amateur data and SSB transmissions so I decided to move on rather than try and fight it out.

A total of 107 QSOs were made, along with one duplicate. A score that will be up there with my previous best scores for this contest. It’s always rather manic for the hour and a half, but good fun.

Updated: July 24, 2021 — 19:35