70MHz CW Contest May 2013 – M0PCB

I was a little late on for this contest, and after some fiddling around I found that with the Funcube Dongle plugged in to the K3 receive antenna port I was getting s7-8 of broadband noise across the 4m Band.

I decided to cut my losses and not use the PC during the contest and relied on pen and paper. Two receivers and the band-scope were useful so I was able to listen around the band for new signals while waiting for exchanges to be completed before calling.

Only worked 7 QSOs, I did hear a couple of other stations but they were brief encounters and weren’t there long enough to work. I was purely S&P, I think if I had called CQ I might have worked a few more.

Still, a decent spread this time. I was beaming North quite a lot, and although I heard IO83 and IO84 I didn’t work them.

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Updated: July 24, 2021 — 19:35