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K3S – Nuclear Ship Savannah

Club members Iain AD5XI, Ulis K3LU, Ted WA3AER, Ken W3USN, Bruce WK3A, Cheré KC3CHL, and Dan K2YWE made a total of 380 contacts with 13 countries during the July 17 celebration of the 30th anniversary of N/S Savannah being declared a National Historic Monument.. 144 contacts were on CW and 236 on SSB. Time was limited and […]

K3SAV – The Nuclear Ship Savannah

On a couple of occasions in 2019 I was invited to operate from the Nuclear Ship Savannah, which at that time was docked in Baltimore undergoing decommissioning work. The vessel was the first nuclear powered passenger ship ever built, and in her operational life carried passengers and cargo. Owned by the U.S. Government she was […]