K3S – Nuclear Ship Savannah

The 20th August 2020 was the 58th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the Nuclear Ship Savannah.

I was lucky enough to have operated K3SAV in May 2019 from onboard.

On 22nd August a group of amateur put the K3S special call on the air from locations across Maryland to celebrate. As the Savannah is currently not in Baltimore, and with COVID-19 still limiting gatherings we were active from our home stations.

I was able to take on a few CW slots in the afternoon and evening. Conditions on the bands were tough and I was limited to 100W with my attic dipoles as 200W on 20M took out the Verizon Fibreoptic ONT power supply and hence my internet connection.

Band Mode QSOs 
3.5    CW    4 
7      CW   14 
14     CW   14 
Total Both 32 

I look forward to being able to operate onboard the Savannah again, she is quite a unique vessel.