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K3S – N.S. Savannah

The 20th August 2020 was the 58th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the Nuclear Ship Savannah. I was lucky enough to have operated K3SAV in May 2019 from onboard. On 22nd August a group of amateur put the K3S special call on the air from locations across Maryland to celebrate. As the Savannah is […]

K3SAV – The Nuclear Ship Savannah

On a couple of occasions in 2019 I was invited to operate from the Nuclear Ship Savannah, which at that time was docked in Baltimore undergoing decommissioning work. The vessel was the first nuclear powered passenger ship ever built, and in her operational life carried passengers and cargo. Owned by the U.S. Government she was […]

NSS – Armed Forces Day 2019

This special event was something very different. In fact NSS was not transmitting on amateur radio frequencies, but had a licence to transmit on Navy frequencies while listening to the nearest amateur radio band for the 68th annual Armed Forces Day Crossband Test. It was held on 11th May and I had the pleasure of […]