80m Club Championship CW April 2014 – M0PCB

This is always a fun contest, somehow I managed to miss the first 2 of the series, but will try harder from now on. This was an all time best entry for me with 129 QSOs. I spent the whole contest calling CQ, on only a couple of frequencies.

For the first time I had a local skimmer running, which was populating my band-map just fine. When a quiet period came along I went to pick a station for the sub VFO in an attempt to work SO2V. Sadly win-test doesn’t support this functionality, though I have a custom LUA script which gives me ability to swap TX between VFOs. Annoyingly it wasn’t obvious how to get the DX spot to be passed to the sub VFO. Rather than risk moving my run on top of someone I decided to give up and just carry on as normal.

Just after the contest I managed to work out how to do this, so next time I will be looking for another all time new score with the aid of SO2V, a technique I’ve not yet mastered as only used it once before, but it led to an extra 7 QSOs that time.

Updated: July 24, 2021 — 19:27