Month: May 2013

80m CC CW – 23rd May 2013

Another decent month for the club championships, 100 QSOs in the log, 4 duplicates leaving 96 claimed. Again managed to keep a run going for the whole contest, though some notable call-signs missing from the log still. I really must get back into trying SO2V!

70MHz CW Contest – 12th May 2013

I was a little late on for this contest, and after some fiddling around I found that with the Funcube Dongle plugged in to the K3 receive antenna port I was getting s7-8 of broadband noise across the 4m Band. I decided to cut my losses and not use the PC during the contest and […]

144MHz UKAC – 7th May 2013

So, I managed to miss the April event, mainly due to having been active in the CQWPX SSB contest at M0VSQ over the Easter bank holiday weekend and then in the 80m CC CW event on the Monday evening. ┬áBy Tuesday I was contested out. This month was a decent event, 27 QSOs in total, […]