Month: March 2013

FOC QSO Party – 23rd March 2013

I was encouraged to take part in this event by Derek G3NKS, an active contester and friend from the Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association. The QSO party isn’t a contest and it runs for the full 24 hours. This particular one was in March, though there is another later in the year.  I got on the […]

70MHz Cumulative #2 – 10th March 2013

This event began the moment that the Commonwealth contest finished. As such I was a little late getting started as I needed to grab another mug of tea and stretch my legs from the previous 4 hours in the chair! As I recall this is the first time I have rolled from one contest straight […]

RSGB Commonwealth Contest 2013

For me this is the highlight of the year. While the rates don’t match those found in the world-wide events this contest has another appeal. It’s one 24 hour period per year where there are some interesting DX stations active who are looking solely for other Commonwealth Countries, which in practical terms is G and […]

144MHz UKAC – 5th March 2013

This was quite a successful evening in reality. Not my best QSO count, but had to take time out of the contest to speak to the folks. Always an inconvenient time 😉 Was very pleased to work GI4SNA for a new DXCC and a new square (IO64), GD8EXI was a very good signal from IO74. […]