70MHz Cumulative #2 March 2013 – M0PCB

This event began the moment that the Commonwealth contest finished. As such I was a little late getting started as I needed to grab another mug of tea and stretch my legs from the previous 4 hours in the chair! As I recall this is the first time I have rolled from one contest straight into another on the same day.

As it was Mother’s Day 70MHz was very quiet, though I did hear what sounded like BPSK31 towards the lower end of the band.

Just 5 QSOs in all, but a new callsign or two, best DX was G3TCU over in IO91. I did spend a fair bit of time CQing, both SSB and CW, but after an hour and a half I needed a break from radio so broke for an early lunch. I am working on a plan to get out /P on 70MHz but it’s only very slowly moving forward with balancing against all the other commitments.

Here’s the map:

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Hopefully there will be a bit more activity next time.

Updated: July 24, 2021 — 19:38