144MHz UKAC March 2013 – M0PCB

This was quite a successful evening in reality. Not my best QSO count, but had to take time out of the contest to speak to the folks. Always an inconvenient time 😉

Was very pleased to work GI4SNA for a new DXCC and a new square (IO64), GD8EXI was a very good signal from IO74. Best DX was MM0GPZ/P in IO85, and even worked G3MEH over to the East – certainly my worst direction from this QTH.

25 QSOs in total, 4 DXCCs and 9 grids squares for 23031 points according to Minos Logger.

Obligatory map follows:

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Hopefully do it again next month.

Updated: July 24, 2021 — 19:39