FOC Marathon 2020 – AD5XI

For the second time since moving to the USA I decided to operate the Marathon from home so I could dip in and out among other things during the weekend.

I didn’t get chance to operate at all on Friday evening after work and the bulk of my QSOs came on Saturday, though I got tired pretty early and my 80m total shows!

I still don’t have a 160m antenna, just not enough attic space for anything that’ll be worth having and the noise floor down there is immense. This year 15m didn’t do much for me, only 2 QSOs there. I think I missed a decent opening on Saturday. Nothing heard on 10m at all, so really a 3-band event.

I find these events are more about the quality of QSOs than the sheer quantity. Being able to spend a few moments with friends that I’ve not been able to work for a long time is always a highlight.

Band     QSOs     Pts  DXC  Con  Pt/Q
 3.5      45      44    0    0   1.0
   7      85      85    1    0   1.0
  14     120     162   21    3   1.4
  21       2       2    0    0   1.0
Total    252     293   22    3   1.2

I was 2 QSOs fewer than 2019, but family calls took me away for the last 2 hours. That’s the trouble with being so far from home.

Updated: February 2, 2020 — 22:38