FOC Marathon 2019 – AD5XI

This is a unique event as it’s only open to FOC members. I was operating from home as AD5XI with 100W into the dipoles in the attic.

I only did a little S&P, mostly spent my time CQing and working all callers.

I’m still not used to how the bands play from here. QSOs from 80m through 15m. Tried 10m once but no activity at all up there. I started a bit late for 40m and never had a great deal of QSOs there, 80m was surprisingly good given my shortened loaded dipole in the attic.

20m was the most productive band, and 15m the least but those I heard on 15m were easily worked with my 100W and dipoles in the attic. Worked a bunch of 4-banders, but as 10m was dead and I don’t have a 160m antenna at all then 5 and 6 banders were going to be impossible.

My DXCC totals have also been boosted by this event on each band, which is to be expected as I started out at 0 again in November ’18.

Band     QSOs  
3.5      78          
7      56        
14     102        
21      18    
Total    254    

Updated: February 8, 2019 — 03:03