The 2015 AFS CW left a bit of a sour tatse, which lasted rather longer than I had hoped. Thankfull over the Christmas period there were some major changes at the RSGB Contest Committee announced. With that backdrop I am hopeful for the 2016 series of RSGB contests and decided to put an effort into AFS.

The 40m band has been added this year, I was a little sceptical over whether this was necessary, but actually it did add to the fun and the QSO total.

I used for logging, which worked pretty well. On a couple of occasions the F keys stopped working until I’d hit escape a few times. Likewise I managed to wipe a QSO by hitting the wrong keys trying to log in ESM mode without sending anything.

Had I had a bit more prep time I would have had a bash with SO2R, but I had trouble getting Omnirig to talk to the K2 and also hadn’t managed to wire up the 2nd set of band-pass filters to the K2. The dilemma of high or low power was settled by tossing a stick of laptop memory – in lieu of a coin. I ran ~200W in the end, which I think helped.

Overall 281q with 5 dupes, so 276q total for 2760 points.

Looking forward to the Club Championship series for a more regular dose of CW contesting.

Updated: July 24, 2021 — 19:22