RSGB 1st 160m Contest 2013 – M0PCB

This was my first entry into this contest and it was all a bit last minute. I was a few minutes late getting started and then had to give in and get some sleep after about an hour and forty minutes.

Equipment here was the usual 100W from the K3 into a GM0ONX design Inverted-L with the peak at around 40 feet sloping down to the house. It’s currently only fed against a single 4 foot ground rod, I’ve not had chance to get any radials out yet. Interestingly for the time I was active I managed to sustain twice the rate in this contest as I did in the 80M AFS on SSB.

60 QSOs logged with one dupe, 10 DXCC and 29 districts for a total score of  372 points claimed. Next time I shall plan ahead a bit better and stay on for the whole contest, and hopefully will have sorted a better ground system for 160m, though in my small garden it will never be amazing.

Updated: July 24, 2021 — 19:40