VHF Field Day 2012 – M0PCB

So, this part of the world doesn’t have enough folks to put together any club entries for VHF field day, but it just so happened that on the morning of Saturday 7th July I finally managed to get my 6m Moxon rectangle up in the air. I decided I could then afford some time to test it out.

I made 6 QSOs on 6m, working 3 new DXCCs on the band as well as 3 new squares. The following map shows those QSOs:

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I also managed to work a few stations on 2m, of which 4 were new DXCCs and a similar number of new squares. The map shows the detail:

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Alas, I missed the Sunday session as I was recovering from on overnight Raynet exercise and slept a lot of day off.

Both logs were submitted as check logs, as didn’t really work enough to call it an entry, perhaps next year!

Updated: July 24, 2021 — 19:46