144MHz AFS December 2012 – M0PCB

I’d not made a proper note that this contest was on, though thankfully I caught sight of a contest calendar during mid morning. Managed 20 QSOs in all over a couple of modest operating periods using 80W and a 4 element LFA yagi at around 10m AGL. I was pleased to complete a QSO with G3PYE/P for a new grid, though it wasn’t an easy QSO – they must have very good ears.

I even had a CW QSO with GW0TRW/P who was a good signal. The new rotator, a Yaesu G-450, is a lot better than the old TV style one due to the fact it shows bearing in degrees and turns around a bit quicker. I have also put the end stop at West so I have continuous movement around West to North (past West) as most of my QSOs seem to be between North and South-West.

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Updated: July 24, 2021 — 19:43