Commonwealth Contest 2008 – M0PCB

From a different QTH I managed another entry in BERU for 2008. Slightly fewer QSOs than in 2007 but still an enjoyable event.

Pos Callsign Score QSO BCA 80m 40m 20m 15m 10m
49= M0PCB* 925 37 30 1/1 19/19 17/17 0/0 0/0

Again entered using the Icom 706 and 100w into a doublet and a vertical making it to 49th out of 73 in the restricted section.


M0PCB – Not as many QSOs this year, just didn’t seem to hear as many VE stations as last time. Pleasantly surprised to work VK on Saturday evening at 2100. Caribbean on 40M was good on Sunday morning but signals were not too strong. Had fun again though maybe should have been up earlier on the Sunday morning (nneded the beauty sleep too much!) Had some errands to run on Saturday morning, which meant a slightly late start too. Only had approx 10 hours in the chair, compared with 14 last year. No all time new ones, but managed 6 new band/mode slots with the likes of VQ9JC, ZS3/G3LZQ, J88DR, V47CD, 9H3JT, ZB2EO and of course VQ5XF.
Had different antennas this year as have moved house between contests. Much more local activity here that I found in York which was good. Used SD again with manual keying and rig control. Tried the automated way, but managed to end up with SD sending a serial less than the one I was on. User error there methinks.
Will be at a different QTH again for next year, though I am tempted to try it from out in the commonwealth. Either way I will be back again 🙂

Updated: July 24, 2021 — 19:54