In the summer of 2004 I was given the chance to do a spell of operating from Olonzac in the South of France. I took along the 706 and a small portable antenna I’d built up and had great fun. I only worked 30 station while I was there, as I was there on holiday rather than a mini-DXpedition. The best DX being PT7BZ in Brazil on 20M SSB. Most of my activity was CW on 20M and I managed to work about 22 countries, and also had my shortest ever CW QSO. I also managed to up my speed a bit as well, to a comfortable 18-20wpm.

After having many computer problems when I returned home I finally got the log onto the computer and have printed and sent out all the QSL cards for the contacts I had whilst out there. This is the card that I sent out and unlike my normal cards this one is just single sided. Hopefully they will pass through the bureau quite quickly.

QSL Card for F/M0PCB
The QSL card that was sent to stations worked from Olonzac.
Updated: May 28, 2019 — 01:07