Monthly Archive for February, 2013

70MHz Cumulative #1 – 24th February 2013

Although only making 10 QSOs in total this was actually the best 70MHz score so far from M0PCB. Running an Elecraft K3 and a Spectrum transverter driving about 75W from a valve amplifier. Only a single QSO made in the second hour, two of the QSOs on CW, which was nice, especially as one of them wasn’t viable on SSB.

Best DX was G4TSW down in Devon but not far behind was GW0IRW/P in West Wales. Nothing heard from the East or further North than Birmingham. East isn’t a good direction from this QTH as can be seen from all my VHF QSO maps. Certainly planning on entering the whole cumulative series. Always keep threatening to get out /P but not yet got suitable equipment to achieve this.

Obligatory map:


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80m CC CW – 21st February 2013

This was the first CW Club Championship event of the year for me and it was quite good fun. Only turned teh radio on with 5 minutes til the start. Managed to find a frequency and stuck with it for the whole contest. I did contemplate trying to be clever with the SO2V again but didn’t have time beforehand to set it all up and test the extra features I need to implement to make it more effective.

There were some quiet periods, and some EU stations were quite strong. Signals from G were varied, some were very weak, others were S9+. This was the first outing of the new doublet antenna and remote ATU configuration. It seemed to be working fine and there was no shortage of callers.

114 QSOs in total, one duplicate. I certainly missed out on some QSOs by not going S&P, or doing SO2V but I will attempt that next time. I highest serial I was given was 150, so that is encouraging that I can be reasonably close to the leading stations who undoubtedly have much better aerials for 80m than I do and are much more proficient contesters. 🙂

Planning to try and improve for next month so watch this space…


This was the first time I remember having  abash in this contest. As time was limited I decided to stay single band low power on 15M. Usual set-up of K3, 100W and the CobWebb. I managed a total of 3 hours and 20 minutes on the air in the end. Some nice runs to the USA and VE, East through to West coast, including after dark on the Sunday.



All in all 140 QSOs and a good fun contest. Next time I shall plan for more time on the air, perhaps still single band or maybe all band. It’ll be interesting to see where I am placed in the results.


I didn’t manage to get myself on the bands for CQWPX RTTY during the Saturday session. Sunday saw some activity, single-op low power single band on 15m. I managed 76 QSOs in the end before the wind got up a bit too much and I began to worry about the guy ropes being too stretchy.

My total score isn’t great, but for about 4 hours total time spent with some S&P I’m not unhappy. 🙂


RSGB 1st 160m Contest – 9th February 2013

This was my first entry into this contest and it was all a bit last minute. I was a few minutes late getting started and then had to give in and get some sleep after about an hour and forty minutes.

Equipment here was the usual 100W from the K3 into a GM0ONX design Inverted-L with the peak at around 40 feet sloping down to the house. It’s currently only fed against a single 4 foot ground rod, I’ve not had chance to get any radials out yet. Interestingly for the time I was active I managed to sustain twice the rate in this contest as I did in the 80M AFS on SSB.

60 QSOs logged with one dupe, 10 DXCC and 29 districts for a total score of  372 points claimed. Next time I shall plan ahead a bit better and stay on for the whole contest, and hopefully will have sorted a better ground system for 160m, though in my small garden it will never be amazing.

144MHz UKAC – 5th February 2013

21 QSOs in total, around 60W to the 4 element LFA. Heard GI4SNA over in IO64, but he wasn’t able to get my prefix. Hopefully next time I’ll manage to work him, I need both IO64 and GI on 2m. A fair amount of local activity, which is good. Best DX was G7DWY in IO93BA in the end and it was nice to work G0RQL down in IO70 for a new square. Really not in a good VHF location but it’s still good fun.

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80m CC SSB – 4th February 2013

Under my own call sign I managed just 22 QSOs in this contest. I was finding it difficult to be heard to start with and then for around 40 minutes during the middle of the contest the band suddenly went long and all but EU and northern GM were almost non-existent. Conditions did improve towards the end but it was no AFS. 😉