Monthly Archive for January, 2013

70MHz UKAC – 29th January 2013

Finally I was around and able to operate in a 70MHz UKAC. From home I had a 3 element LFA antenna and about 60W from a Spectrum Transverter driving a Bremi BRL-200 converted to 4m by Gavin M1BXF.

I only managed 8 QSOs, the band was quiet, and most of those were relatively local. I am planning some portable operating so hopefully I can do a bit better in future events.

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80m AFS SSB – 19th January 2013

I did this contest along with Chloe M0GEJ using the The Vulture Squadron Contest Group call sign M0VSQ with 100W from the K3. We shared the operating roughly 50:50 and found it hard going. The dipole seemed to be unhappy at times towards the top end of the band and although signals were very strong we had trouble being heard. Having said that we didn’t do too badly and along with G0HVQ and M0IRD submitting logs the club should make it’s first appearance some way above the bottom of the table… We hope!

I must admit to enjoying the CW leg a bit more, but will certainly enter again next year, hopefully with a better signal!

80m AFS CW – 13th January 2013

I only had 3 hours in this contest and managed 150 QSOs in total. A slow start but I managed to find and hold a frequency for quite a while. Perhaps I should have done some S&P in the first 20 minutes and I may have made more QSOs in total. Was running 100W to a 80/40m trapped dipole.

My entry went to the CARA club score, so the overall results remain to be seen. Quite an enjoyable event though a shame it was cut short, as I was on track for 200. Even the score I attained was about the best I’ve done in an AFS contest to date, so not bad going. Looking forward to next year.

144MHz UKAC – 1st January 2013

I had forgotten that there was a UKAC on new years day, and only saw a reminded a few hours before the contest. There didn’t seem to be as much activity this month as there has been previously. I spent about an hour before moving down onto HF, but I did work a new grid – IO85.

Not the best start to the year, but with my limited VHF location I’m not going to be particularly competitive on the higher bands. Still nice to make some QSOs on 2m.

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