Month: January 2013

70MHz UKAC – 29th January 2013

Finally I was around and able to operate in a 70MHz UKAC. From home I had a 3 element LFA antenna and about 60W from a Spectrum Transverter driving a Bremi BRL-200 converted to 4m by Gavin M1BXF. I only managed 8 QSOs, the band was quiet, and most of those were relatively local. I […]

80m AFS SSB – 19th January 2013

I did this contest along with Chloe M0GEJ using the The Vulture Squadron Contest Group call sign M0VSQ with 100W from the K3. We shared the operating roughly 50:50 and found it hard going. The dipole seemed to be unhappy at times towards the top end of the band and although signals were very strong we had […]

80m AFS CW – 13th January 2013

I only had 3 hours in this contest and managed 150 QSOs in total. A slow start but I managed to find and hold a frequency for quite a while. Perhaps I should have done some S&P in the first 20 minutes and I may have made more QSOs in total. Was running 100W to a 80/40m […]

144MHz UKAC – 1st January 2013

I had forgotten that there was a UKAC on new years day, and only saw a reminded a few hours before the contest. There didn’t seem to be as much activity this month as there has been previously. I spent about an hour before moving down onto HF, but I did work a new grid […]