Monthly Archive for December, 2012

144MHz UKAC – 4th December 2012

Interestingly I’d not made any other QSOs between the 144MHz AFS contest and this event so I’ve got quite a string of 2m SSB and CW QSOs in the log, which is novel. I didn’t work many new stations, and no new squares. I’ve spotted a trend towards not being able to work much to the East of here, what with a large granite lump in the way a couple of miles away. North, South and West all seem pretty good directions and I worked a reasonable spread again.

22 QSOs in total in an hour and a quarter before other activities got in the way. These came in the form of an invite to the pub to talk about radio. I figured that I probably wasn’t going to lose much by doing that as I’d not have been active until the end anyway.

My best DX was GD8EXI again, followed by G3SMT and G4TSW, all of whom were very good signals and easily worked with 80W or so into a 4 element LFA.

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144MHz AFS – 2nd December 2012

I’d not made a proper note that this contest was on, though thankfully I caught sight of a contest calendar during mid morning. Managed 20 QSOs in all over a couple of modest operating periods using 80W and a 4 element LFA yagi at around 10m AGL. I was pleased to complete a QSO with G3PYE/P for a new grid, though it wasn’t an easy QSO – they must have very good ears.

I even had a CW QSO with GW0TRW/P who was a good signal. The new rotator, a Yaesu G-450, is a lot better than the old TV style one due to the fact it shows bearing in degrees and turns around a bit quicker. I have also put the end stop at West so I have continuous movement around West to North (past West) as most of my QSOs seem to be between North and South-West.

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