CQ160 CW 2016

I hadn’t put this one in my calendar for some reason, and was occupied on both Friday and Saturday evenings. I spent just over 2 hours early on Sunday evening and worked what I could hear – well I worked those who could hear me! I did get a couple of small runs going when I found a clear frequency. Noise level was around s8, better than it has been but not great.

Station was the K3, driving the KPA500 to deliver 150W out and the antenna was the 26m Inverted-L tuned against 150 feet of radials. Didn’t work any NA but worked most of EU and 6 new DXCCs on 160m.

Contest : CQ WW 160-Meter Contest
Callsign : M0PCB
Mode : CW
Category : Single operator
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : 160
Class : Low
Exchange : 14
Grid square : IO81UT
Operating time : 02h 10m
 160 99 35 0 0 498 5.03
TOTAL 99 35 0 0 498 5.03
 FINAL SCORE: 17 430

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