Home 2000-2003

The following table sums up the situation I was in when I first start out in Amateur Radio. The shack was the top of a chest of drawers, and I somehow managed to fit 8 antennas into the loft space. This was a very good introduction to different antenna types, and was the driving force behind my interest in antennas.

Unfortunately I am unable to travel back in time with a decent camera to get better photos!

Main HF:

40M Full Wave Loop
– This antenna is 40M long and is resonant throughout the 40M band. Only the feed point is shown because the rest is very hidden.

G3TPW CobWebb for 20M – 10M

– Installed on 3rd April 2002. First impressions and contacts very good. After a short time of using the antenna is has become apparent that the 20M element has been de-tuned by the brickwork. I have shortened the 20M element to compensate but it still is not quite as good as the loop on 20M. The other bands are great, the antenna is resonant in each band and works very well.

Secondary HF:

1/2 size G5RV – This antenna just fits in the loft. Not bad on 40M but not too hot for everything else. Its just a standby antenna now and rarely sees RF. Since installing the 40M loop this antenna has had no RF into it, the performance on 40M is on average 2 s-points down from the loop.

Mighty wide 6M dipole – Pointing SW, NE. Not a bad antenna and has let me work 17 counties on 6M. Best DX was 1200 miles into IW8***. Soon to be replaced with a full wave loop.
2x 2M J-Poles – These two antennae are both used on Packet on 2M. One is used on 144.8625 and the other on 144.800 (RX only)
2/70 Collinear – The collinear is now on a 16 foot pole on the back of the house.