Monthly Archive for February, 2015

RSGB 1st 1.8MHz Contest 2015

Another new contest for me this year. I don’t have a big signal on 160m by any means, the antenna is a 26m Inverted-L with two radials, one 73 feet long, the other 46 feet long running round opposite fences of the garden. This is fed with a Mydel CG-3000 remote ATU, which limits me to Low Power on the LF bands.

 Band     QSOs     Pts
   1.8      25     162
 Total      25     162
Score: 162

I only worked 25 QSOs, though that’s 25 more than previously. Limited time during a short contest but it was good fun to try out a relatively new band for me and give some points away.

FOC Marathon 2015

The FOC Marathon is an annual contest which runs within FOC, it’s a closed contest for members – unlike the QSO Parties.

With around 500 members and activity on the six contest bands 160m to 10m there is potential for a large number of QSOs in the 48 hours of the contest. The idea is to work as many other members as possible on as many bands as possible.

Claimed score is:

 Band     QSOs     Pts  DXC   Con
   1.8      32      85    1    0
   3.5      83     145   18    3
     7      60     107    3    0
    14      94     141   13    2
    21      54      61    3    0
    28      71      88    6    1
 Total     394     627   44    6

As usual I tend to come somewhere in the middle of the table, given low power entries with wire antennas, but nevertheless I had fun entering.