Monthly Archive for December, 2013

144MHz UKAC – 3rd December 2013

Since I had a re-org in the shack it’s been a few months since I did a 2m UKAC. Bad timing with the evening meal meant I missed most of the first hour. Signals seemed good at the start though I had to QRT after the first 10 minutes or so, then I was back at 9pm to work a few more.

Only 11 in the log, not my best ever score, but a good incentive to reconnect the 2m amplifier and aerial. As usual I ran around 70W or so into a 4 element LFA on the back of the house at around 10m AGL.

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CQWW CW 2013 – G6PZ

I had thought about entering CQWW CW single-op as G9V from our usual site. Unfortunately the logistics didn’t work out so the backup plan was to enter from home under my own call sign. With a couple of weeks to go I got a message from Gerry G0RTN asking what my plans were, and as a result I ended up operating from G6PZ.

The operators were Gerry G0RTN, Kazu M0CFW/JK3GAD and myself. Paul G6PZ popped in often as well. Spending 32 hours in the chair was certainly more than my previous contest entries, and there were periods where I felt like a zombie.

Provisional scores online show that we broke the M/S record previously set by M6T back in 2010. Overall it was great to be part of the team thanks for the QSOs.