M0PCB is an Amateur Radio station in South West England operated by Iain. I have had this callsign since September 2000, before that I was M1ETJ for a few months and prior to passing the RAE I was SWL RS181338. I also hold the US Extra call AD5XI and a full licence in The Falkland Islands, VP8DNA.

My home land is County Durham, although since graduating with an MEng. (Hons.) in Radio Frequency Engineering from the University of York in 2007 I have been living in the South West. I passed the City and Guilds Radio Amateurs Exam at the age of 15, while a member of the Bishop Auckland Radio Amateurs Club. Shortly after that I took my 12wpm morse code test at the Peterlee Radio Club and was issued with my current licence.

I am currently active on all the bands from 160m to 2m, predominantly CW these days, with occasional forays into SSB and data modes.