MU0PCB July 2013

In 2012 I first joined the MU0HTJ team for the IOTA contest. In 2013 I returned and was on the air for a little while outside the contest. This year we entered Multi-Single but with a multiplier radio, and consequently there was a lot more work to do and not a lot of extra time to do it.

I was the token CW operator and logged 873 of the total 1500 QSOs in around 9 hours in the chair. This year we managed the rota such that there was CW on each band, this worked a lot better and we should have much improved our standings.

This snap was captured by Mark M0MJH on a vintage camera and subsequently scanned by Pete 2E0SQL.

M0PCB operating the MU0HTJ run station in the IOTA contest.

M0PCB operating the MU0HTJ run station in the IOTA contest.

Outside of the contest I managed to work around 150 QSOs as MU0PCB on various bands using a Force-12 Sigma-5 vertical dipole and a KX3 with 100W external amplifier. Most of the operating was done from the car on battery power, with around 75W of power output. Conditions were a bit cramped, but the bands were in pretty good shape.

The operating position for MU0PCB. The operating position for MU0PCB.[/caption] MU0PCB antenna at the campsite MU0PCB antenna at the campsite[/caption]