ARRL DX CW 2019 – NR4M

Just around December 2018 I was voted in a member of the Potomac Valley Padio Club, PVRC. Since then I’ve been operating contests from a variety of PVRC member stations. At a PVRC event just before Christmas I got chatting to Dan W0CN and he invited me to head on down to The Goat Farm […]

FOC Marathon 2019 – AD5XI

This is a unique event as it’s only open to FOC members. I was operating from home as AD5XI with 100W into the dipoles in the attic. I only did a little S&P, mostly spent my time CQing and working all callers. I’m still not used to how the bands play from here. QSOs from […]

NAQP SSB – Jan 2019 – WA3EKL

Over the weekend of January 19/20th I spent time at WA3EKL operating as part of the M/2 team for NAQP SSB. My original intent was to try out some VHF data mode contesting, but as it happens I had a blast in NAQP. It had been something like 3 years since my last SSB contest, […]

NAQP CW Jan 2019- AD5XI

This was the first contest I was active in from home, and my first NAQP. A very enjoyable domestic contest. It was interesting to see how many times I mis-copied as AD5X. Usually got queried after sending my name a coupe of times. Call: AD5XIOperator(s): AD5XIStation: AD5XI Class: Single Op LP Summary: Band  QSOs  Mults——————-  160:        […]

CQWW CW 2019 – N3DPB

When I arrived in Maryland I was recommended by a few people that the Potomac Valley radio Club was a club to join. They were quite right, and even before I had my own shack set up at home I was invited by Alan WA3EKL and Susan N3DPB to join their team for various contests. […]


This was the first contest of 2018 for me. I was late home after a 7 mile hike in the morning so missed the first 40 minutes of the contest by the time I got into the shack with a mug of tea. Conditions on 40m weren’t great though I did manage to work a […]

CQWW CW 2017 – M6T

In 2017 the G9V team weren’t able to take part in the CQWW CW contest, and I received an invitation to join the M6T team over in Suffolk. This was my first Multi-op multi-radio experience. I was to be one of a 2 man team in charge of the 80M station, along with fellow ‘youngster’ […]

RSGB RoLo CW 2017

In the past I’ve only entered the old RoPoCo contests a couple of times. This change to being a rotating locator helps non UK stations to enter. I made 34 QSOs on 80m, though using N1MM+ I had some log problems caused by macros not being set up correctly. This meant I sent the wrong […]