In the summer of 2004 I was given the chance to do a spell of operating from Olonzac in the South of France. I took along the 706 and a small portable antenna I’d built up and had great fun. I only worked 30 station while I was there, as I was there on holiday rather than a mini-DXpedition. The best DX being PT7BZ in Brazil on 20M SSB. Most of my activity was CW on 20M and I managed to work about 22 countries, and also had my shortest ever CW QSO. I also managed to up my speed a bit as well, to a comfy 18-20wpm.

IC-706 and ATU

The IC706 perched on the smallest table I could find. That table should have had a bedside lamp on it! The PSU was on the floor and the logbook/paper on my knees when I needed them.


This is a view of the antenna from the room. It's made up of a base mounted on a tripod with an ex Army man pack whip about 3M long mounted in it. Tuned fine on 20M with the ATU.

Antenna closeup

This is the base of the antenna that I concocted.

After having many computer problems when I returned home I finally got the log onto the computer and have printed and sent out all the QSL cards for the contacts I had whilst out there. This is the card that I sent out and unlike my normal cards this one is just single sided. Hopefully they will pass through the bureau quite quickly.

QSL Card for F/M0PCB

The QSL card that was sent to stations worked from Olonzac.