The menu of sub-pages on the right holds an archive of my previous antenna adventures. This page describes the current incarnation.

Around the end of September 2018 radio waves ceased to emanate from M0PCB at home. This was in preparation for a move to W3-land for a work assignment.

That hasn’t kept me off the bands, and in late November 2018 I had installed some antennas in my attic space. This is the down-side of living in a rented home in an HOA.

As time and facilities were in short supply – well really none of my household belongings or tool kit had arrived – I decided to do the thing I usually don’t like doing. I purchased wire antennas! There’s a definite trade of money vs time these days.

Up in the attic I have:

  • EAntenna 80DXS – Single band loaded dipole for 80m
  • EAntenna 40201510DX – Fan dipole for 40 through 10m
  • EAntenna 301712DX – Fan dipole for 30, 17, 12 and 6m

As I am effectively end of terrace the feed points are in the apex at the farthest point from the neighbours, wires running down the roof line then along the rafters towards the next house.

Results have been good, even had contacts into Europe on 80m CW with 100W.