This was the first contest of 2018 for me. I was late home after a 7 mile hike in the morning so missed the first 40 minutes of the contest by the time I got into the shack with a mug of tea.

Conditions on 40m weren’t great though I did manage to work a few English stations. The strongest signals on 40m were certainly from Scotland and Europe. I started the contest So2R but found a problem with the K2 and KPA500 so switched over to the K3 for both bands SO1R.

80M was better and this is where the bulk of my QSOs were.

I decided to run 400W in the end, and with the Inverted-V dipole for 40m and the 26m Inverted-L for 80m. A total of 202 QSOs were logged, with one duplicate.

CQWW CW 2017 – M6T

In 2017 the G9V team weren’t able to take part in the CQWW CW contest, and I received an invitation to join the M6T team over in Suffolk. This was my first Multi-op multi-radio experience. I was to be one of a 2 man team in charge of the 80M station, along with fellow ‘youngster’ Simon M0CLW.

At our disposal we had a Four-Square in the field and a dipole at 90 feet. The rig was a K3.

The operating position at M6T on 80M.

The operating position at M6T on 80M.

I arrived at site at around 6pm on the Friday evening after having taken the day off to pack and travel. The journey took 5 hours, though was largely uneventful. After a pre-contest curry, home cooked by Gerry G(I)0RTN we set about testing the station and I made a few QSOs on 80M under my own call. From midnight we started in earnest and took 1 hour shifts through til after dawn. Simon took the last shift as I went to bed around 0700.

The m6T shacks and some antennas at dawn, it was cold.

The m6T shacks and some antennas at dawn, it was cold.

Sleeping through until late afternoon on Saturday meant that I only saw dawn and dusk that day, and then resumed the 1 hour shifts all the way through Saturday night until around 0700 on Sunday morning. Then some more sleep and finally getting up for the final evening again in late afternoon. Not long after midnight we called it a night and got some more sleep, up and ready for helping to pack the station down on Monday morning. Just around lunch time I set off on the 5 hour journey home.  Which again was uneventful.

Some more M6T antennas, this time at dusk.

Some more M6T antennas, this time at dusk.

The claimed scores overall from M6T are:

Call: M6T
Station: GØKPW

Class: M/M HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Northern Europe

Band QSOs Zones Countries
160: 1337 18 82
80: 2441 34 127
40: 3491 38 161
20: 2492 38 145
15: 1393 37 150
10: 381 18 59
Total: 11535 183 724 Total Score 18,654,269

We were gunning for the UK record, and it looks like that we succeeded. My thanks to the M6T team for a great contest.

2nd 1.8MHz Contest 2017

I don’t have a particularly efficient aerial for 160m but this contest was fun.

Running the K3 and KPA500 to 250W I managed 100 QSOs in the log, unassisted. Surprising to have VO1HP call me and complete the QSO.


UKEICC 80m CW October 2017

This was the only one of the UKEICC 80m series that I managed to enter in 2017.

I made 54 QSOs with stations in 34 grids.

Rig was the K3 with 100W into the 26m Inverted-L antenna.

RSGB RoLo CW 2017

In the past I’ve only entered the old RoPoCo contests a couple of times. This change to being a rotating locator helps non UK stations to enter.

I made 34 QSOs on 80m, though using N1MM+ I had some log problems caused by macros not being set up correctly. This meant I sent the wrong thing to a couple of people and lost some points through logging the wrong thing. I know better for next time!

Running an Elecraft K3, 100W into a 26m Inverted-L antenna.

VHF NFD 2017 – G5BK/P

On the first weekend of July the Cheltenham ARA arranged a club field day to coincide with the RSGB VHF NFD contest.

I wasn’t able to attend on the Saturday but I did get along for the Sunday morning session on 70MHz. I took along my Icom IC-7300 (40W) and 5 element Powabeam antenna. The antenna went up on the 8m Racal push up mast on a drive-on plate that I usually use for portable operating.

We made 36 QSOs in the Restricted section between myself and Derek G3NKS. Our best DX being SP3RNZ right at the end of the session.

70MHz UKAC April 2017

Only 8 QSOs in this contest, from home. Station was an Icom IC-7300, 50W into a dual band 50/70MHz Moxon antenna.

Best DX was G8BCG down in IO70.

Unfortunately a lot of the 70MHz UKACs clash with my local radio club meeting.

RSGB Commonwealth Contest 2017 – 9G5X

In 2017 I happened to be on a DXpedition to Ghana with G3VMW, G3XAQ, G4BWP, 5B4AGN and G6MC. Of the team members I was the most enthusiastic about the Commonwealth Contest and so for the 24 hours of the contest I had the shack pretty much entirely to myself.

Some more details of thetrip are on the 9G5X page.

For the contest I had a K3, KPA500 driving a 3-band Spiderbeam on the roof of the building, a 40m Dipole broadside to North and an 80M quarter-wave vertical. Band conditions were pretty good on the North-South path.

 Band QSOs Pts  Cty Sec Pt/Q
  3.5 113  1025 0   0   9.1
    7 217  1845 0   0   8.5
   14 414  3370 0   0   8.1
   21 248  2100 0   0   8.5
   28 2    50   0   0   25.0
Total 994  8390 0   0   8.4
Score: 8,390

Even though my QSO totals were a long way ahead of anyone else I was beaten on error rate and band-call area bonuses by VE3EJ. Sadly during the night I wasn’t able to turn my beam as there was no safety railing on the upper balcony and in the dark it wasn’t safe enough to go up there on my own.

Thanks to my team mates for allowing me the opportunity of entering the contest, one of my favourites. My efforts landed me with 2nd place in the Open section.

CQ160 CW 2017

I don’t have a particularly good antenna for 160m at home, but felt like giving a few points away on Sunday evening. Thanks to those who heard my puny signal!

Only worked 39q in the end, hadn’t clicked that the contest ended at 2200z – just as I was about to CQ for a while.

My first QSO was GU4YOX, who was also a new DXCC on 160m – thanks Bob!

Contest : CQ WW 160-Meter Contest
Callsign : M0PCB
Mode : CW
Category : Single operator
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : 160
Class : High
Exchange : 14
Grid square : IO81UT
Operating time : 00h 42m

 160 39 21 0 0 183 4.69
TOTAL 39 21 0 0 183 4.69


This was my first contest of 2017. Conditions on 40m for local QSOs was terrible, so mostly Gm stations worked there at the start, with a few G stations later on.

I had SO2R set-up, the K3 and KPA500 on 80m and the K2 with Hunter 750 on 40m. Both outputting 200W. I logged with and drove the Microham u2r box to switch bands.

Contest : RSGB Affiliated Societies Contests
Callsign : M0PCB
Mode : CW
Category : Single operator
Overlay : ---
Band(s) : ALL BANDS
Class : High
Grid square : IO81UT
Operating time : 03h 54m

 80   150 1   149
 40   37  0   37
TOTAL 187 1   186