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In late 2011 M0PCB and M0GEJ moved to a new house and so began a new episode of antennas. With a much bigger garden to play with things are much improved for all bands. Initially a Force-12 Sigma-5 allowed basic operation on 20m while the shack was constructed and a better idea of the garden layout was formed.

The Cobwebb sat underneath a 6m Moxon Rectangle. Just underneath the Cobwebb are the centres for the 30m and 80/40m dipoles.

The HF antennas are:

  • G3TPW Cobwebb at ~30 feet AGL
  • 80/40m Trapped Dipole, inverted-vee
  • 30m Half wave dipole
VHF Antennas

VHF Antennas

The VHF antennas are:

  • Moxon Rectangle for 50MHz
  • 3 element LFA for 70MHz
  • 4 element LFA for 144MHz
  • Comet GP15 for 6m/2m/70cm FM

In the future it might be possible to expand on this, especially with a view to add 160m into the mix.