The Early Days

My shack at home (in this case parent’s house) has gone through a vast array of incarnations.  Here are some of them.


Back in the day when I first started out as M0PCB this is what the shack looked like. Not a scratch on what it became!


Slightly later, before a major re-fit this was taken, it even appeared in an edition of Practical Wireless.

Febrary 2002

In February 2002 the shack had been transformed into what you see here, complete with it's own PC built by myself for the purpose


After a house move in August 2003 this is what became of the shack, only a temporary station, as now I am at university more than I am at home.


Over the Summer vacation of 2004 I moved the shack at home into my bedroom. This is how it looks now, until I remove most of the kit to take to York!


At Easter 2006 the shack looked like this. Much more minimalist, though the FT-817 isn't shown as it was still in it's carry bag at the time!