Home 2005-2007

Extensive reworking of the antenna system was carried out just before Easter 2006 when I got home for the University vacation! Along with mum and dad, I spent a full day sorting the system out. Results have been excellent, and well worth the effort and stiff muscles!

The Cobwebb

At about 30' above the driveway is the new G3TPW CobWebb, with a W300 2M/70cms antenna above that (about 33' at the base). The Half size G5RV is strung to a height of about 27' at that end. This took a huge effort to put up, as the mast comprises of a 20' steel scaffold pole plus the extra stub mast!


The other end of the Half size G5RV is attached to the mast tot eh right, the feeder slopes off to the house in a less than ideal way. The mast to the left is a 9M roach pole with 19M of wire wrapped round it. This makes an approx 1/4 wave vertical for 80M, fed against the fence of the adjoining field (no balun, just direct coax feed).

With this system I have full coverage from 80M up to 70cms. The vertical is good for 80/40 and 30M, with the proof being some East Coast USA on 30M CW worked with it. The G5RV for 40/30M and some 20M and the CobWebb being far better at 20M-10M. It loads fine on 6M, though not heard anything on it, but I never catch 6M open these days… I am quite impressed with this antenna system, and have been able to work some interesting QSO’s, and have a habit of being called by Caribbean stations on 20M CW at night! 🙂