Monthly Archive for January, 2014

CQ160M CW – 24-26th January 2014

I had hoped to have done some radial work on the Inverted-L by the time CQ160m CW came around, sadly I hadn’t had the time. I managed the last hour or so, with about 40 mins in the chair and worked 25 QSOs.

Nothing fancy, but it was nice to get on 160m again, though I won’t be setting any records!

80m AFS SSB (M0VSQ) – 18th January 2014

I entered this contest as M0VSQ, which was supporting The Vulture Squadron Contest Group. However, all did not go to plan. First off I tried to bump the power up a little, but ran into immediate issues on QSO number 1.

It turns out the MFJ-994BRT remote ATU at the base of the doublet wasn’t playing ball and had to be retuned after every QSY. It would also enter a tune cycle every time I tried to run more than 100W to be heard. Apologies to those few stations who must have thought I was an idiot not finishing QSOs…

After 40 minutes I was about ready to throw in the towel, but then remembered I had an SGC SG-230 in the garage, so I went out to the garden to swap the tuner over. Just at this point the rain started!

Once the tuner was swapped out, and having lost 15 minutes of QSOs I got back in the shack and found, to my delight, that the match across the SSB end of 80m was perfect (it is a good match on the CW end too) but I wasn’t able to run the amp. However, with some adjustment of the K3 audio settings I managed to be a bit more audible.

In the end I logged 74 QSOs, which is actually less than I did last year. In fact it’s less by the amount of time spent on hardware trouble.

Lesson learned, the SGC SG-230 is staying in line. The future of the MFJ-994BRT is unsure.

80m AFS CW – 12th January 2014

I entered this contest semi-seriously. Still hadn’t got a solution sorted for local skimmer and SO2V techniques so just did my best running and S&P with 100w and the doublet.

This resulted in 189 QSOs in 8 DXCCs which looks to have me somewhere half way up the table, much better than last years 150. My points went to The Vulture Squadron Contest Group, though we only had two stations active.

Next year I will do better again, I’ve a year to improve.

144MHz UKAC – 7th January 2014

I was late on for this contest and from my low lying location activity seemed much lower than other months. I suspect partly due to the insessant rain and the fact I was late on.

Heard GM6JNJ up in IO75 but didn’t manage to work him. Mostly ‘local’ stuff this month. Hopefully will make a more regular appearance this year.


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